What are the Features of Magento Mobile Website Builder

Most people think that the Internet is a big platform, and they can easily manage to get the attention of a large audience without making too much effort. But it is a fact that they will surely miss out an entire demographic and market if the website designed by them is not as per the current demands. The mobile market is huge, and everyone is carrying portable cellular phones with them. Gone are the days when mobiles were just used for making phone calls and sending regular text messages. With the advancement in technology, smartphones are emerging, which are equipped to run applications and browsers using the Internet. These days people prefer to surf the Internet using their mobile devices; therefore, it is very important to design a website using an efficient Magento mobile website builder as it will increase the accessibility of the website among the masses.

magento mobile website builder

Creating a mobile website can never be easy. It is very important to choose a theme that is responsive and the one that allows the user to preview the mobile version of the site directly from the editorial in real-time. On can surely rely on Magento mobile website builder for building a website that will offer the visitor premium quality experience; no matter whether they are using it on a phone, desktop or any other mobile device.

Here are the top features of Magento mobile website builder that will give new heights to your business:

1.     Templates: Every mobile website builder provides an exclusive range of templates that are quite helpful in designing the feel and look of the website. It is always advisable to choose a builder that comes with a myriad of template selections from which one can find the one that is best for the business. Every business holder wants to own a website that has a distinctive look and is capable of capturing the essence of the brand. A perfect builder will provide templates that vary in style, color and layout. These templates can be easily customized until the mobile website becomes just right.

2.     Social Media Integration: Interaction on social media will offer your business an edge and will help in establishing a long-lasting relationship with the customers. Engaging the online customers using social networking sites serves as a great way to build the business. This is why the best mobile website builder software provides the option to import the Facebook photo album of the business, integrate twitter messages and represent the latest promotional videos on Netflix or YouTube channel, etc.

3.     Click to Map: GPS functionality is a fabulous feature that makes smartphones a perfect tool for searching local business. When the potential audience uses  their Internet-enabled phones for instantly locating nearby businesses, then the GPS will help in navigation. The “click-to-map” functionality offered by the Magento mobile website builder allows the customers to locate your business on the map and get the exact turn by turn directions.

These days, more and more customers are using mobile devices for accessing the website. All potential customers love to surf the Internet on their mobile phones to search for local businesses. People usually have a misconception that building a mobile-friendly website means that they need to perform a double duty. There are plenty of solid services available such as Shopify mobile website builder, etc. that will automate the process of building a mobile companion of the primary site.

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Designing the Data Center Physical Security Infrastructure: Best Practices

The physical security infrastructure system is one of the most important aspects of the data center design. When it comes to that implementation, there are certain best practices that need to be followed in order to ensure the security is both effective and also compliant. These include the following:

data center design

data center design

View it In Layers

Physical security of the datacenter design is very similar to the information security. As a result, it is important that this is viewed in layers. The primary access to the facility is the access control and this should serve as the first line of defense. The primary keys to the facility should be based on security safeguards which cannot be shared easily such as biometric access. There is datacenter technology for the access control that can even couple the key card with the biometrics through difficult to duplicate signals such as the retinal recognition or fingerprints.

Apart from these two, it is also possible to add a third layer of access control such as a pin code through data center technology. It is also advisable to install a CCTV surveillance system at all the access points to the facility. This can be used both for the real-time surveillance as well as for the diagnosis of the past events. The access list to the facility should be updated on a regular basis. Only those with business in the facility should be provided access. If a job role changes for a particular staff member and they are no longer needed at the facility, the access should be revoked immediately.

It is Important to be Aware of the Surroundings

Data centres should not be constructed against outside walls in order to offer additional protection layer against several threats. When building the facility, you should also be mindful of what is above the facility. This is an especially important consideration for the datacenters constructed in multi-floor buildings. Every environment in which the facility is situated has different risk levels.

Watch the People You Hire

The biggest threat to any data centre facility is generally from within and not from the outside. It could be due to carelessness, incompetence, social engineering or even sabotage. The people that work at the facility should be trained to stick to the datacenter security policy 100%. These security policies must be strictly enforced at the facility.

Proper Training

Still on the people issue, the staff members must be trained properly on how to ensure a sound physical security policy at the facility.

Carry Out Regular Internal Security Edits

This is a procedural step that can have huge ramifications for the security of the datacenter design.  Regular audits must be carried out in order to ensure that the facility is meeting all the compliance requirements. There is a need for regular internal audits and checks as well as external audits.  IT managers can hire outside firms in order to carry out assessments on the state of security of the data centre technology. This is one of the best ways to ensure the facility against physical infrastructure security issues.

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What All should Look for in an Electrician in Gold Coast

Electrical work is something that requires a lot of knowledge, expertise, license and insurance. As safety concerns are highest as you deal with electrical wires and gadgets, it is of utmost importance that your electrician in Gold Coast is certified to carry out electrical works and is properly insured in addition to possessing the right skills to carry out, any and every type of electric work.

Scope of work of the electricians

The major types of electric work that any electrician in Gold Coast should be able to conduct include electrical installations of all types, performing safety checks on the existing electrical system of the building, installation, maintenance and testing of the emergency lighting system of the building, installation of various designs of light fittings just to name a few.

Apart from the regular works, electricians should also be TITAB registered, so as to conduct works like telephone and data cabling work, set up digital TVs and antennae, maintenance of air conditioning system of the building, TV installations, installations of home theatres, setup of power points, which would be USB enabled and many such similar services, which are very essential for a better and comfortable living.

Companies offering electrical services ensure that they are offering a complete package of services to the customers, whether it is for a power point in the house or setting up the electrical lines of a whole factory. Not only installation, but a good company with one good electrician in Gold Coastwould also guide their customers to select the right type of electric outfits that will serve the lighting needs of the customer and will not be heavy on the budget. These electricians will also help you to choose electric gadgets that could save a lion’s share of your electric bills on a monthly basis.

They should provide service anytime, anywhere

The most important thing that a good electrical company would offer to its customers is around the clock service. No matter what time is it, an electric trouble can happen anytime and would require an immediate intervention from a qualified electrician. If the service providing company does not offer services around the clock, an emergency situation could prove fatal. It is hence very important that the clients are attended to timely by the electricians.

If the services offered by the company are not very extensive, it may not prove to be very beneficial to many of the local people. Reputed electrical contracting companies ensure that they provide services to extensive areas, in and around Gold coast, which include places like Runaway bay, Hope Island, Biggara Waters and many more.

It is as important to get the best electrical services from the electricians in Gold coast, as it is to get these services at the most affordable prices. Reputed companies which provide electrical services do ensure that they keep the bill as low as possible as electric work is something that is recurring, and if they charge their customers high, repeat customers would be very low, which will impact the reputation and profitability of the company.

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Buy the best turntables from Rega

A turntable is a rotating machine, which is mostly used by a DJ, to play and scratch music.  A circular revolving plate usually supports a record as it is being played. There is usually a huge amount of selection of many turntables available and one can choose any as per your requirements. Buy rega turntables as these are of the highest quality and can be easily purchased online. Even their performance and speed are of high quality.

Buy Rega Turntables

Buy Rega Turntables

Why rega turntables?

Rega turntables are normally the kind of turntables that you can purchase according to your budget. It provides the perfect sound, while reducing the amount of vibrations. These are very simple, and their simplicity makes them unique. These are recognized as one of the most moderately used turntables, which are available at fair prices.

Furthermore, it is easy to set them up even without prior knowledge about its use. Hence, you can buy rega turntables with absolute confidence. Also, no matter what your budget is, you can be sure that you will find one for your needs and that fits your pocket. Be sure that you will get a rewarding turntable that will give you many hours of listening pleasure. The turntables offer high quality performance and generally have a low vibration motor.  Their reliability will offer you a musical enjoyment of a lifetime.

Rega manufactures high quality parts that are usually necessary in producing music. This is the most beneficial thing about these tables. Furthermore, the users can change its manual speed to the desired one, instead of using the automated speed, which changes automatically. The turntable also has built-in high quality components, which ensure that it will last for a longer time and for very many years.

 Selection of Turntables

If you are looking for an amazing sound and want value for your money, then you must surely buy rega turntables. Rega produces turntables of very high quality, and you will have the chance to buy the best product that even suits your pocket. One should also buy rega turntables, because these offer a very high performance at all times, and are even easy to use and maintain. Furthermore, the purchased parts can also be replaced easily as and when required.

Rega has been on the market for many years now and has won many awards. This is because their products offer great value for money and have stylish finishes. They are designed to give the most outstanding performance which means a lot, when you compare it to the price at which they offer the same. The turntables can also be used on a low voltage, under an electric power supply. The sound produced is very smooth, with very high precision, and is generally developed in a hard shell. The set up of the turn tables is easy and does not require you to spend more money for the same. All you need to do is use your hands for the same, and you are good to go. You can even go through the manual that comes with the tables and set them up on your own.

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Top Five Things That Email Marketers Should Know

Email marketing has been the lifeblood of many businesses since the advent of the internet. Its attraction is in the fact that it allows you to reach out to a large audience in the shortest time possible at very minimal cost. But it also carries plenty of risks. It is the preferred mode for the thousands of scammers and spammers scouring the web for soft targets. If you are planning to use this mode in your marketing, it is important to know where to buy emails that will add value to your business.

where to buy emails

where to buy emails

Email marketing offers plenty of advantages. It is cheap, measurable and highly scalable. Email marketing is also highly targeted and saves plenty of time for marketers. It delivers an excellent return on investment if you adopt the best practices when deploying email marketing for your business. Here are some noteworthy tips to put into consideration when using email lists for your marketing.

Buying is not always a good idea unless you are buying from a trusted source

The natural and recommended way to get email lists is by generating them on your own from the traffic to your business website. However, not all businesses have the expertise and resources to invest in robust leads generation. An average small business may generate no more than 30 leads in a month. Generating email lists on your own when you are new to the market and lack the expertise to capture mass emails is therefore unsustainable and likely to slow down your business.

How to buy email lists: Purchasing emails can harm your business or do great good to your business depending on the source from which the lists have been acquired.  Buying from the wrong lists providers will have adverse effects. You may get your IP banned by most ISPs and websites, and the worst of all, you will harm your business’ reputation.  Buying from the right source will allow you to scale up your business exponentially without violating any rules or being seen by your customers as unethical.

Go for Quality over Quantity

When purchasing your email lists, quality matters a lot over quantity. You might get an irresistible deal offering you over 10,000 emails at only $69 but at what price. When deciding on where to buy emails for your marketing campaigns, it is important to opt for quality. You will recoup your investments over the longer term.

Set expectations

Setting expectations will make a huge difference when it comes to your email marketing campaigns.  It is important to outline the expectations up front before you decide on acquiring the email contacts. When doing a follow up on your email releases, it is important to clearly define what the customers will expect from you.

For example, state how often you will send emails, the content you will send out, what you expect from them and so forth. Setting these kinds of expectations increases the open rate and actions from your prospects.  Once you have set the expectations, it is also important to follow through with these so as to inspire confidence in your prospects.

The Clicks are More Important than the Opens

When evaluating the impact of your email marketing campaign, focus on the clicks rather than the opens. While the opens are just as desirable, it is the clicks that generate the revenues for your business.

Build on Relationships

Relationship is king when it comes to email marketing. Do not treat your subscribers as objects. Instead, focus on building the relationships that matter – listening, offering valuable content, branding and following through with the expectations.

Looking for where to buy emails that will add wings to your email marketing campaigns? Check out http://wheretobuyemaillists.com/ for top quality email list for sale.

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